The Fearless Female Retreat 2019 – Picture Recap

Kyra Hardwick is a Fearless Female

“The concept of being fearless is not that we are absent of fear, but that we are less fearful of the things in life that shake us.” ~Kyra Hardwick, CEO, The Kyra Company

What a powerful statement, right? A little background before I dive right in and go deep. Kyra Hardwick is my business coach and business strategist. Every move I make for my business and brand goes through her. I dream. I think. We plan. We plot. We succeed. Now, my next move is something totally unorthodox and definitely on a level I have prayed and worked for, but also was afraid to reach.

Sunday, August 19, 2018 during a brunch overlooking the warm waters of a man-made fountain, surrounded by 22 females of varying standards, demographics, and beliefs, I launched “The Fearless Female Retreat”. This retreat is designed to challenge women to identify and tackle their innermost inhibitions. This movement of female fearlessness is a declaration of more than “I am female. Hear me roar!” It is a proclamation of “I am powerful and dynamic. My triumph over my fears are the foundation of all that is victorious in me!”

Now about the quote. My business coach was in attendance for my launch as the title sponsor and she made this dynamic statement as a reflection of the brunch. Think about that. My concept was received and supported by a powerhouse herself! This statement was a catapult to my week indeed.

As I sat amongst these 22 females, a wave of anticipation and anxiety swept over me knowing I have set before them a task I created of accountability. There was no turning back now. The words had been spoken. The announcement had been made. The registration link was live and active. It was now my time to walk through the doors of release as I had encouraged the ladies to do so when I asked about their fears.

Listen, I am speechless and in awe about what is about to take place at this retreat. Just this past weekend, Kyra and I had a 5-hour strategy meeting and the who, what, and why of everything was all over every giant Post-it note and dry erase board in the room.

This two-day retreat is to be held at one of the Woodlands Waterway Marriott Resort where we leave the city life behind us and hunker down with the truth of ourselves and “the things in life that shake us”.  

Join me and other women in March 2019 for a weekend of identification, discovery, and action to catapult you to the next level of your journey.